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Straight Driving is Safe Driving

If there is a problem with your wheel alignment, driving can get a bit scary. Anytime you take a tight grip off of the steering wheel you can quickly tell if your vehicle has an alignment problem. Your vehicle will start to act as if it has a mind of its own by drifting to the right or left. An off wheel alignment will especially cause difficulty controlling the steering when navigating around corners. You might also notice that you feel more bumps in the road and that your vehicle is more prone to pulling or swaying. Remain safe by getting your wheel alignment serviced by Lewis Automotive.

Tire Tread Wearing Unevenly?

Obviously, driving under these conditions can be extremely dangerous. Another clear sign that your alignment is off is the uneven wearing of your tires. A tire rotation is not enough to distribute your tires’ wear evenly, but an alignment is necessary. Get your wheel alignment straightened to make sure your tires are as safe and as long-lasting as possible. Tires that wear unevenly are susceptible to damage and flats. At the first sign of a wheel alignment issue, call Lewis Automotive and schedule an appointment. We can also perform wheel alignment on any trucks and vans. Our team is AAA approved for auto repair and quality oriented. We’ll make sure that the job is done correctly and efficiently so you’re able to safely navigate the roads again in no time.

Affordable Wheel Alignment Service

We enjoy giving our customers the best service possible at affordable prices. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road, and our services will save you time and money. The expert technicians at Lewis Automotive provide the alignment services that you count on. We’ll keep you driving straight and preserving your tires. At Lewis Automotive we take pride in our exceptional customer service and quality work. With our family run business you’ll never feel like just another customer.

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