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Brake Repairs That You Can Trust

Over time, you may notice your brakes squealing whenever you slow down. That’s your first warning sign that it’s time to bring your vehicle to Lewis Automotive to get a thorough inspection. Your brake pads are designed to squeal when they wear down too low. Many drivers decide to ignore this noise; probably because the squeal is only annoying to everyone outside of the car. But if you wait too long, the squeal will soon turn to a grind. The metal-on-metal scraping after the brakes pads have worn away is an emergency situation, and you should cease driving your vehicle. Should you experience difficulty braking, pull over at the earliest opportunity and call a tow truck. It’s not a slight risk of doing extensive and expensive damage, but it’s a certainty. So let Lewis Automotive provide all your brake repair services. We’ll make sure you avoid all those costly repairs and any breakdown in your braking system.

Safety First Brake Services

If you notice that the ABS light has lit up on your dashboard, you should not only pay attention, but you should take action. At that time, it is time to have your brakes serviced by a professional. The problem could be a fluid leak of a loss of pressure, which can compromise your ability to brake safely. Maintaining your brakes is essential for your safety and the safety of your passengers. Don’t delay your brake services, any issues should be investigated immediately. Your vehicle’s braking safety is also a necessary part of passing the Pennsylvania state inspection. Safety is not something to leave up to chance.

Fixing Brakes Right the First Time

Bring your car into Lewis Automotive for brake service if you experience any of the following signs when applying your brakes: Shuddering brakes, Uneven stopping, or ABS light on the dashboard, or car pulls to the side while braking. You can depend on us to perform each repair correctly the first time. We are AAA approved, and our experienced team has seen it all.

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