Common Types of Motor Oil

Posted on March 10, 2020 by Lewis Automotive Inc in Oil Change

Which Type Should Your Car Use?

There is a wide range of oil types to choose from. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with oil weights, types, additives, brands and other features. Explore common options today and find out how to receive an affordable, reliable oil change in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Keep your vehicle well maintained with the correct oil weight and type for your engine.


The most option type of oil found in most vehicles is conventional motor oil. In the past, this was the only type of oil available. Modern options are purified and may offer unique benefits, but conventional remains the most affordable option for most vehicles. This is the most affordable option but may have more contamination and sludge than synthetic or other oil options.


Synthetic is a leading alternative for high-performance oils. This type is resistant to thermal breakdown, oxidation and other issues. Because of this, many synthetic options last longer and lubricate better than other options. Of course, it’s more expensive than conventional, so it may not be the ideal option for your situation.

Check with your local mechanic and owner’s manual to see if your vehicle can use synthetic oil for your next oil change. Some engines aren’t designed for this type of oil, so it can cause more damage than good.

Synthetic Blend

A combination of the two, synthetic blend offers some of the benefits of synthetic but is more compatible with older engines. This middle-road option is also more affordable than full synthetic.

High Mileage

If your vehicle has 75,000 or more miles, choose a high mileage oil for your next change. This option has special additives to clean your engine and keep it running efficiently for many more miles. Compare this option with your conventional or synthetic oil to find out how you can improve the lifespan of your engine and lubrication system.

Choose the Best Type of Oil for Your Oil Change

Schedule a service today at Lewis Automotive to enjoy an affordable oil change with any type of oil. If you’re not sure about the best type of oil for your vehicle or if you’re looking for a reliable, affordable change option, stop by our location in West Chester, Pennsylvania, for a discussion and affordable service.

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