Quick and Clean Oil Changes in West Chester, PA

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Oil Changes That Extend Road-Life

Lewis Automotive in West Chester is here to keep your vehicle fully operational for as long as you need it. The single most important service to ensure your engine’s health is the oil and filter change. When you don’t get these changes in a timely manner, you force your engine to work harder than it would otherwise have to. The oil’s lubrication prevents the engine from overheating from excessive friction. Drivers can also notice a lowering of gas mileage efficiency when the oil is not changed. The manufacturer’s recommendation for oil change intervals can be found in the owner’s manual. This is what we use to make sure you are receiving the best services possible. We also consider the age of your vehicle and the driving habits of its owner. With our extensive automotive experience we can design a oil change maintenance schedule that is best-suited for you.

Is It Time to Change Your Oil And Filter?

Many auto repair shops will arbitrarily choose a time interval, but Lewis Automotive can focus services to your vehicle’s needs. Any owner’s manual can also tell you the manufacturer’s recommendation for which grade of oil to use. This information gives us the best opportunity to preserve your engine. We’ll consider the age of your car and its use when we provide all oil and filter changes. Let us use our exceptional skills and information gathering to preserve your engine. With our quality oil change schedules, you can stay ahead of a lot of costly engine repairs.

Keeping You Ready For The Road

Lewis Automotive in West Chester is focused on its customers, and their cars. Our customers appreciate the professionalism and friendly atmosphere with which we provide our efficient services. We’re quick and thorough, because we understand that your oil change is a pit stop in the middle of your busy day. It’s only meant to prevent your vehicle from needing an extended stay down the road. When the time comes, bring your oil change and filter change to us. If that time is today, we’ll see you soon!

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