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The timing belt is what keeps all parts of the engine running in a smooth, organized manner. When it breaks all types of chaos can occur, including some serious engine damage. Once the belt is broken, you won’t be able to drive your car, and then a tow truck will be necessary. However, you can avoid all of this trouble by having Lewis Automotive check and replace the timing belt before it goes bad. Typically, the belt should be replaced every four years. The vehicle’s owner’s manual can usually give you a more specific time frame. With such an important replacement, you’ll want to trust only the most knowledgeable repair team. At Lewis Automotive, our AAA approved auto repair staff is able to replace timing belts in the most efficient way possible.

Expert Maintenance–Saving Time and Money

The expert repair techs at Lewis Automotive can spot potential repairs that would end up costing a lot of money. Our number one priority is keeping you on the road, and always in drive. Your timing belt is a key component to accomplish that, and we want your vehicle to never be without a fully operational one. We’ll even provide timing belt checks, before your timing belt breaks and leaves you stranded. Lewis Automotive’s exceptional service is how you can avoid engine damage and an expensive tow. You can always rely on us to take complete care of our customers and their vehicles.

We’re Always Here To Help

Lewis Automotive’s decades of expertise will keep your engine fully operational. But it’s not just our hands and our quality workmanship that we offer our customers. Whether you’re facing a vehicle repair emergency, or have a question that’s been on your mind regarding your vehicle’s maintenance, you can bring either of them to us. Our automotive counsel is just as valuable as our services. They are both meant to take care of every need or concern that you may have regarding your vehicle. Contact Lewis Automotive with any additional questions, or just stop in to our repair facility at 633 S. Bolmar St. in West Chester.

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