Getting your Car Ready for a West Chester Spring

Posted on April 8, 2018 by Lewis Automotive Inc in Auto Repair

Everything you need to know about preparing your car for this spring!

Spring is here at last and we couldn’t be happier here at Lewis Automotive. There’s something about the new growth, fresh air and the shift in temperature that makes you feel relaxed and relieved. Winter is over and now it’s time to recuperate from the stress it may have caused. Did you know that your car also needs to recuperate? This spring you should really consider taking some steps to help your car recover from winter, and prepare for the new season coming ahead. Here are some good ways to prepare your car for a West Chester spring!

Windshield wiper change

With all the ice and snow that winter brought, your windshield wipers are probably a little beat up. It’s completely normal for this to happen, and it’s pretty unavoidable. You should consider swapping them out for a new pair because the weather gets a little wetter in the springtime in West Chester. If your wiper blades don’t work at maximum performance, your vision is impaired during rain showers and storms. In general, it’s suggested that you change your wipers once or twice a year so why not change them right before you need them the most?

Check your oil and fluids

Your car works extra hard during the winter to operate at it’s best possible performance, and in the process, it may be using more fluids than normal. Make sure your fluid levels are ok and if not, then go ahead and top them off or replace as needed. You should also check your oil. In general, it’s best to change it every 3,000 miles but you can also tell if it needs to be changed by looking at it. Use the dipstick in your car to check the level and color of the oil. If the level is low, you need to add more. The color should be a transparent amber color, while if the color is dark brown/black and the consistency is thick, that means it’s definitely time for a change. Don’t neglect to change your oil, doing so can harm your engine in very expensive-to-fix ways!

Are your wheels and tires ok?

Just like your windshield wipers, your tires take a real beating throughout the winter because they have to navigate through ice,
snow, slush, and water. Chances are, after dealing with all of this your wheels are out of alignment and they need to be realigned. No problem, just bring them into the shop and we’ll fix them right up. You should also check your tire pressure and make sure it’s at the right level. Driving with bad tires and wheels lowers gas mileage, which costs you more at the gas pump.

We hope you found these tips helpful and are ready to prepare your car for spring!

Written by Lewis Automotive Inc

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