Summertime Car Care Tips!

Posted on June 15, 2015 by Lewis Automotive Inc in Auto Repair

Take care of your car and stay safe on the roads this summer with our list of recommended summertime car care tips!

Check your tire pressure. As temperatures increase, so does your tire pressure – by approximately 1-2 PSI for every 10 degree spike in temperature. An over-inflated tire will make less contact with the road, lessening your traction control and increasing the risk of hydroplaning in rainy weather conditions. Low tire pressure puts more pressure on the walls of your tire, increasing the risk for blowouts. The optimal pressure for your vehicle’s tires should be listed in your owner’s manual, or on the side of the tire itself. Unsure? Ask us!

Check your oil to make sure you’re not running low. Your engine is more likely to overheat in the summer, and there’s no reason to add fuel to the fire (no pun intended) by not having enough oil to properly lubricate your vehicle engine. It’s a good idea to have your oil changed too if you plan on taking long road trips to your favorite summer destinations.

Check your hoses, accessory belts, and timing belt. High temps and a hard working engine can contribute to wear on your car’s hoses and belts. Take a look under the hood and look for cracks, leaks or loose connections on these vital parts. If you’re unsure what you’re looking at – ask us!

Check your car’s air filter. There’s more debris on the road during the winter months, and salt and other particles can build up and clog your air filter over time. Summertime is a great time to check your air filter. Some dirt will almost always be present, but you want to make sure the filter isn’t filthy.

Replace your windshield wipers! This is one of the most commonly ignored maintenance items, and one of the most dangerous items to ignore. With summer comes rain, and with rain comes lessened visibility in general. Don’t add to the danger with old, cracked or broken wiper blades!

Check your coolant levels. Though cars are designed to run hot, there is a limit to just how hot they can get before overheating. Make sure you have the proper level of coolant in your vehicle, and remember to flush your radiator and add new coolant every couple of years.

Clean your battery. Believe it or not, hot weather can be harder on your vehicle’s battery than cold weather. Occasionally detach your battery and carefully clean the cables and terminals (or ask us to work this into your next service appointment!).

Written by Lewis Automotive Inc

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